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Reversible cold rolling mill



Reversible cold rolling mill

What are the characteristics of the control function of reversing cold rolling mill?


In recent years, reversible cold rolling mill has developed rapidly, with single price and double stand reversible cold rolling mill.Its control function is similar to five-frame cold continuous rolling in many aspects. Its main functions include:


(1) rolling parts and feature point tracking;


(2) rolling specification and setting model;


(3) model adaptive and self-learning;        


(4) the AGC system;    


5. ASC system;  


6. Tension control of uncoiling and winding;


7) automatic acceleration, deceleration and automatic stop control.    


The difference is:


(1) the number of times to replace the rack number;


(2) the sequence control is complex, including automatic acceleration, automatic deceleration, automatic stop and reversible rolling.Therefore, the control of cold continuous rolling mill is also of reference value for reversible rolling mill.