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Cold Rolled Sheet


Cold Rolled Sheet


Cold Rolled Sheet


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The ultimate process


Cold-roll steel sheet/Galvanized steel

Color-coated sheet /Corrugated sheet


Galvanized steel is produced through dipping

rolled cold-roll steel sheet into coating bath

withdissolved zinc continuously and fusing a

layer of zinc anticorrosive material on its

surface at 470℃. It has such ideal properties as

anti-corrosion, formation, and painting. Now this product is mainly applied to building, 



Color-coated sheet  

Color-coated sheet usually takes hot

galvanized plate and Zn-Fe alloy hot

galvanized plate as base plate.

Through surface pretreatment and

roller painting, its surface will be



Cold-roll steel sheet 


Galvanized steel

Cold-roll steel sheet adopts pickling steel sheet as the main raw material.

Through cold rolling, cold-roll steel sheet featuring

low thickness, high straightness and cleaner surface

can be obtained. The product is mainly applied to 

coated with a coating of some thickness. After solidification and formation, it becomes  color-coated sheet featuring anti-corrosion, formation and decoration property. So far the product is mainly applied to building, automobile, home appliance, light industry,

transportation, solar energy, furniture and other industries. 


Corrugated sheet

Corrugated sheet is deeper processing based on open flat plate. By roll-in and cold bending

galvanized sheet, color-coated sheet, and other

metal plates,contour plate of various waves are

produced. The product is applicable to industrial 


building, home appliance, boat, vehicle, automobile, electromechanical products and container


industrial and civil building, warehouse, special building, roof and wall of large-span steel structured

house and internal and external wall decoration. 

to automobile, metal decorating bucket, building, building material, door sheet and other industries. Moreover, it is the best base plate for producing galvanized organic coated steel sheet. 

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